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Hi my name is Jessimo Coeymans and I am 32 years old. I come from the Netherlands and live in the village of Beek and Donk. I am a self-taught hobby photographer who started taking photos in 2016.

I got my first camera from my wife for our roadtrip through Malaysia. The camera that changed my live, because it recorded our marriage proposal and it got me hooked on photography.

After half a year I sold the camera wich I would never forget and bought my self a DSLR from Nikon. 

My brother-in-law asked me if I would like to go urban exploring. I asked what this meant, he said " Visiting old abandoned buildings and locations ". I laughed hard but joined. After this I was addicted to urban exploring. Together with him and others we have visited a lot more, including our trip to Italy in 2018.

With this website I want to give you a look at my small but very cool photography life, and I want to show you what it looks like through my eyes and camera.

You don't have to be different to be different.

Just be yourself & Only photography what you love.

- Jessimo Coeymans -

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